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Overflow from the First Fan Zone Page

Janice and Mike Hamelburg, New Yorkers transplanted to Nashville, enjoy going to the many country music venues, especially when you can see a favorite entertainer like Wade Hayes. Here they are after the "Fiddlin, Brewin', and BBQ-ing" show.

Barbara Giles from Winchester, Virginia, with Wade at the Opryland pavilion for the "Fiddlin, Brewin', and BBQ-ing" show. Barbara says, "Getting to see Wade again, was absolutely breathtaking. It was nice to get to actually talk to him and ask a few questions." Click on the pic to see pictures taken before and after the show.

From Christina Wasson, "I'm a soldier in the US Army and I got to see Wade Hayes in Harker Heights, TX. That was the best concert I've been to in a while...hope he comes back to Texas again!! Love to see him! Thanks so much for a wonderful concert!!!"

Arline Birsner with Wade at Dutchess County Fair in New York State summer of 2002. Arline says, "He was just so sweet. This was my second time seeing Wade in person. He had played at a club by my house in Long Island, NY. He puts on an amazing show! I'm pretty sure I was the first one on line to get my picture with him. My year was made. We miss you Wade, please come back to New York!!!!!!!!!!"

Daynica Nippert from Canton, Oklahoma, with Wade following the show at the Thunderbird Casino in Norman.

Wade Hayes with Anthony Haltom

Anthony, a Texas baseball player with All-Star stats, enjoys a Nashville trip with mom, Sheri H., to catch the man and the music at Judge Beans.

Wade Hayes with Linda Geerdes

The route from Florida to Iowa may be a long one, but if you can stop over in Nashville to see a favorite entertainer, you count smiles - not miles. Ask Linda Geerdes.


If you went cruisin' in October 2005, then you recognize "our Nancy," tour director with the "mostest." She sure knows how to pick entertainers! In every way, she made the cruisin' experience a delight.


Lori Cheesman, North Carolina, hit the jackpot when she won the Country Cruise give-away package from radio station WSOC. She invited her favorite concert-buddy aunt - Mary Scafaro - to share the prize. A long time fan, she wore her autographed McHayes shirt to Wade's shipboard meet and greet.


Mary Scafaro, Florida, was a big winner, too when her niece, Lori, shared her prize with her. Formal night on the ship was a fun time and the opportunity for some special pictures.


Brandi Johnson with Wade at the meet and greet held on the cruise to Mexico. Tall Oklahoman and tiny Texan look mighty good.

For more cruise meet and great pictures.


Pam Mattingly, Kentucky, with Wade after the March 18th show in Nashville.


Kathy Cutter from Minnesota caught The Winter Show in Valley City, ND. Kathy reports "The concert was great!! As to be expected ... Wade is an unbelievably awesome guitar player."


It might be cold in Nashville on an early March Saturday night, but the music at Judge Bean's was HOT. Just ask Tanya Whittington and Mira Horne from Louisiana. Tanya says, "Mira and I enjoyed our 'quick' trip to Nashville and hearing Wade lwas a blast....


Cindy Norton, Illinois, traveled with Mom Marilyn to Nashville. A night of Wade Haye's music and visiting with other Wade fans makes for a great "road trip."


Marilyn Thomas of Illinois enjoying the great music and a quick pic with Wade at Judge Bean's on February 25th.


Suzanne Gaedtka traveled from a cold Illinois to a just about as cold Nashville for a February Saturday night of great music.


New Year's Eve, Texas style, at the Judge's. Christina Gardner from Kansas City is pictured with Wade.


Texan Sheri Haltom at the Judge's for New Year's Eve pictured with her favorite performer.


The Third Annual Country Cruise had a lot of fun events, including a formal night. Nikki Pearson, an Okie now from Massachusetts, and Wade donned their dinner duds for the special time.


Reda Seal from Arkansas, enjoying a November show at Judge Bean's.


Pic is Diane Ayers with Wade on Formal Night of the 3rd Annual Country Cruise

"What a wonderful day! My birthday and first thing, we saw Wade at breakfast. Shortly thereafter, we went out on the sundeck to relax and he stopped by for a chat, shirtless no less! Then at the Meet/Greet, he sang Happy Birthday to me. ... more>

Kirk Davis and Wade following the Calhoun on the Green show in Calhoun, Kentucky.

"This picture taken on August 27, 2005 at Judge Beans BBQ where a rousing good time was had by all, especially this fan, whose photo is taken with Wade. Wade still has that unmistakeable sound, that Country music radio and new artists just don't have. I sincerely love Wade, have since I first met him in 1995/96 and continue to go to all nearby shows."
~~ Kelly Sanders CST, L.M.T.

The "Iowa Gang" (Sheryl W., Jean W., Vic P., and Trish F.) has never missed a fan party, and they've seen Wade perform in nearly every state in the union.

After the fan gathering, Wade headed downtown to an interview on Syrius Satellite's Roadhouse Channel. Annetta "Sis" W., with daughters Jane B. and Samanta W. got a big Wade hug after the interview. Sis and Sam are from South Carolina; Jane lives in Georgia.

Wade Hayes and Chellie at the Fan Gathering

Michelle Edwards, aka as 'ChellieBelle,' from Georgia during the meet and greet at the fan gathering.

Wade Hayes and Linda at the Fan Gathering

Linda Crouse from Ohio with Wade at the fan gathering.

Wade Hayes and Donna

Wow! What an exciting time at Fan Fair! I had a great time meeting Wade, talking to some of his fans who are going on the 3rd Annual Country Cruise, and getting shirts signed for the Cruise give-away for KAPS Country Radio! Wade is such a great guy - I can't wait to Cruise the Caribbean with him in October!
Donna, KAPS radio
Washington state

Ashleigh Mitchell with Wade at the meet and greet part of the Wade Hayes' Fan Gathering in Nashville. Ashleigh and grandmom Elaine, from Indianapolis were a great help in handling the registration of those attending.

Wade shows his appreciation for Diane Ayer's vocal performance at the Fan Gathering. Diane harmonized wth Wade on the Merle Haggard classic, "The Way I Am."

Triplets Brittany, Bailey and Brandi with Wade at Sunlite Studios, Owensboro, KY.

"They went to their first concert 9 years ago, in 95-96. They were only 3 and now they will be 13 in July !!!..."
~~ Alisa Y (mom)


My daughter, Mackenzie, is 10 and in 4th grade. It was "Jersey day" at her school and, as we are not big sports fans, we didn't have any athletic jerseys so we decided this was an even better idea! =)
~~ Stephanie S.

Amanda B. and her sister, Stefanie C. with Wade at "The Last Lap in Bloomington, Illinois.

Click for more on Bloomington.

Amanda J. wanted her picture taken with Wade - just not too close. She was very proud of this one taken by mother, Sue, at the Mighty Howard County Fair.

Diane Wade and Dawn

Diane S. and Dawn W. with Wade in Crescoe, IA. Their pictures and comments are on the Mighty Howard County Fair page.

Helene and Wade

Helene H. with Wade in Biloxi, MS. Check out Helene's pictures and comments in the Wild Coyote page.

Elaine and Wade

Elaine Mitchell with Wade in Indianapolis, IN at the Indiana State Fair. They're holding a quilt made from tour t-shirts.

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