Las Vegas
During PBR (Professional Bull Riders) Finals - and later during the NFR (National Finals Rodeo)
Photo Credit: Cari Forrester ~ Penny Rondinella
Review: Cari Forrester

During November and December of 2003, McHayes (Mark McClurg along with Wade) made several appearances in Las Vegas. The PBR (Professional Bull Riders) held their rodeo finals during November and the NFR (National Finals Rodeo) was held in December. These are multi-day events. McHayes played at a couple of clubs for the after parties and played outside the Thomas Mack Center both months for both events.

Mandalay Bay1

At Mandalay Bay

McHayes (Wade Hayes and Mark McClurg) performed at Mandalay Bay for the PBR Rodeo Finals After Party. The show was in a huge ballroom that was really too big for the event. They either sold all the tickets or came close to it and that was about 3000 tickets. Even with that many people in there, everyone was really spaced apart because it was just so big. There was a dance floor right in front of the stage and then tables everywhere else.

The guys performed for about an hour and a half and they were just awesome. They had lots of people dancing to their music and they seemed to enjoy that. Here's a rundown of the songs...

* On A Good Night
* Don't Stop
* It Doesn't Mean I Don't Love You
* She Completes Me
* The Day That She Left Tulsa
* Don't Wait Till It's Gone
* McBoogie
* She Knows Me
* You Can't Break The Fall**written by Mark and on Joe Nichols CD
* Milk Cow Blues
* Wrong Kind of Right
* Roly Poly
* Kentucky Bluebird
* I'm Still Dancin' With You
* Cowboy to the Core** written by Wade and Mark
* I'm Still Dancing With You
* What I Meant To Say
* Old Enough To Know Better
* Tele-man

After the show, we had the chance to talk with Wade and he said they had a show the next night too! He said it was in the parking lot of the Thomas & Mack Center, right before the rodeo started. We hadn't known about this one.

They were on a small stage about a foot off the floor inside a Jack Daniels' tent. As people were parking and walking up toward the Center for the rodeo, they could come into the tent and hear the guys. They had a "McHayes" banner hanging up and it was the same logo that is on their CD single. No picture, just says McHayes. They sang for about 50 minutes and got a great reception.

We sure had a great time.
~~ Cari

Penny's Review On the Mandalay Bay "After Party"

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