Columbia, Tennessee

April 19, 2014

Photo Credit: Helen Neal

A rich evening of acoustic music from Wade Hayes. No one does it better. We love the standards from his usual shows, but really enjoy getting to hear the newer music he's been working on as he gets ready to go into the studio to work on his next project. The newest one he showcased was "Blue Bonnet Blues," a swing tune he'd written with Roger Springer. It had a nice lilt to it and great lyrics. This was only the second time I've heard him do "Population Sign" live. He was requested to write it for the movie, "Small Town Saturday Night," which starred Chris Pine. I've heard him perform " I Don't Know How to Let You Go," a couple of times before - its lyrics are heart-reaching. This was the first time I heard him do Waylon's "Dreaming My Dreams With You." Wade is expert at singing "melancholy lyrics." Whether or not he's crying inside, everyone else in the room is. A packed house was very receptive to the music he's considering for the next album. He's going to have a hard time choosing.

Kudos to Marcy Jo's for a fabulous pork chop dinner, complete with the tenderest of pork chops, home-made rolls and dessert. We had her make a carrot cake for Wade's birthday - outstanding! No box mix involved in that one.

Marcy Jo's Meal House is owned by Rory Feek's wife, Joey, and his sister, Marcy.

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