Ford Theater, Country Music Hall of Fame, Nashville, Tennessee
March 6, 2011

Photo Credits: Machelle Myers, Samantha Walters and Laura Zanone

The Stars Go Blue benefit show was Wade's first appearance as an artist since undergoing a grueling eight hour surgery for Stage IV colon cancer that had spread to his liver.

In his second month of chemotherapy, with 4 more to go, he wanted to share his experience. Wade intends to turn this experience into a blessing, not a curse.

Ironically, he was a featured entertainer on the Colon Cancer Alliance Stars Go Blue Show in 2010. Doctors have told him that, more than likely, he had the disease at that time.

He's on a mission to inform others that this disease can come at any age and early detection can save lives.

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Early in the show Wade emotionally related his story. Though he didn't sing, he promised the audience that he would return to "tear up a Telecaster." Indeed he did that! He joined Exile on stage and did some featured guitar playing in their closing song, Super Love.