Undy 5000
Nashville, TN
October 20, 2012

Photo Credits: Terri Robison

Undy 5000 run/walk to benefit the Colon Cancer Alliance was held on October 20th in downtown Nashville. Yes, that is "Undy." Participants were encouraged to run in their boxers, and they had free ones to give away, courtesy of Dulcolax. (There were a lot of puns associated wih this event.)

Charlie and Nan Kelly were the chief promotors of the run. Nan is an on-air personality for GAC-TV and Charlie is a Grammy winning session musician. Charlie's colon cancer was detected early and successfully treated in his 40s - family history nudged him to get checked before he was 50. He has sponsored a yearly benefit concert for the Colon Cancer Alliance. This year, the run was added.

Wade had the opportunity to talk with the runner's about his experience with cancer. And for fun - he fired the shot that started the race. He vowed that he would be running with them next year. Those from the Colon Cancer Alliance headquarters said the Nashville event was an outstanding first year effort.

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