Wade Hayes' Fan Gathering at Judge Beans
June 10, 2005
Photo Credits: Julia Bellinger, Teresa Bernicky, Missy Fuller, Elaine Mitchell, Sis Walters
Review by: Helen Neal

Wade Hayes Pic2 - Fan Party
Wade Hayes Pic4 - Fan Party Wade Hayes Pic5 - Fan Party
Wade Hayes Pic6 - Fan Party
Wade Hayes Fan Party _2005


* Old Enough to Know Better
* Kentucky Bluebird
* Don’t Stop
* I Wouldn’t Know ##
* Getting’ Too Old for This ##
* Wichita Lineman
* I’m Still Dancin’ With You
* On a Good Night
* The Way I Am (Merle)
* It’s Been a Great Afternoon (Merle)
* She Knows Me (But Loves Me Anyway) ##
* Every Time I Give the Devil a Ride (He Wants to Drive) ##
* Hurts Don’t It
* Where Do I Go to Start All Over
* Milk Cow Blues
* The Day She Left Tulsa
* Don’t Make Me Come to Tulsa

## new one

Wade Hayes Fan Party Laminate

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