Back to the Future Now: Live at Arizona Charlie's
~ Asleep at the Wheel

Label: Lucky Dog (Epic)
UPC Code: 074646798126

Wade and Tracy Byrd do a lively rendition of "Ida Red." Track # 4


Tribute to Tradition
~ Various Artists

Label: Sony
UPC Code: 074646807323

Wade gives a sterling rendition of Gary Stewart's "She's Actin' Single (I'm Drinkin' Doubles)." Track # 7

Wichita Lineman
~ Single Release

Label: Sony
UPC Code: 074646807323

This was a limited release of an outstanding version of this country standard. It includes "On a Good Night."

It's rare. Auction sites are about the only place you can find this CD. A 7 inch vinyl version is available at

Wichita Lineman was included on another single release,
The Day That She Left Tulsa.
It's also rare.

Label: Sony
UPC Code: 098707874529

It Doesn't Mean I Don't Love You
~ Single Release by McHayes
Mark McClurg and Wade Hayes

Label: Universal South
UPC Code: 044001993923


~~ "It Doesn't Mean I Don't Love You" tugs at your heart strings - both in lyrics and in delivery - as Wade Hayes is in top form on this one! Go ahead, set it on repeat and melt!! "

~~ "I just had my ears pinned back. These boys can flat sing the fire outta this dynamic, stirring song. The sensational production comes courtesy of Brent Rowan, the man who brought us Joe Nichols on this label." Robert Oermann

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