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.. Wade was a recent guest on the Coffee, Country and Cody Show


oct4CodyandWadeWade recently appeared with hosts Bill Cody (Country Music OnAir Personality Hall of Fame member) and Charlie Mattos on the Coffee, Country and Cody show, broadcast from WSM-AM 650 radio in Nashville.


A podcast of the hour-long segment is now online. You can listen at:


Coffee, Country and Cody with Wade Hayes





.. Wade's newest single, “Is It Already Time,” has been sent to radio


This deeply emotional song reveals Wade’s thoughts as he waited for test results to tell him how far his colon cancer had spread.


wadehayes5promoIs It Already Time? has been sent to radio. Contact your local station and request it. It is available for download from iTunes, Amazon.com and other outlets.


All proceeds will benefit the Colon Cancer Alliance.


Several members of the Sony/Columbia records staff that fostered Wade’s early career have reunited to produce, promote, publicize, market and sell his new music for this worthy cause.


For more information you can find in-depth articles at these sites:


Wade Hayes Wins Cancer Fight, Talks 'Time' Single & Rush of Support



Old Friends Come Together for Wade Hayes




.. Wade's interview session on The Music Row Show to be televised



Blue Highway TV will air the The Music Row Show filmed at WSM-AM 650 studio last August 12. Check this page for the schedule. (September 18 - 30th)


Blue Highway TV













.. Wade Featured  in Country Weekly


CountryweeklycoverCountry Weekly features Wade in this issue (July 23rd). In addition to being on the cover, there is a 4 page spread, beginning on page 30.

The magazine has 2 extra features on their web site - a download of Wade’s amazing song, “Is It Already Time?" - a touching chronicle of Wade’s very personal thoughts when he realized he had cancer that had spread.

The magazine also provides a link to a video interview made in the studio while Wade was recording the song.

Check this page for links to the music download and the video interview.


Wade Hayes in Country Weekly












.. Wade's Recent Public Appearances

April 16, 2012


Wade has managed to make a few public appearances despite being in treatment for Stage IV colon cancer. His first was at the March 6 Stars Go Blue Colon Cancer Alliance Benefit show at the Country Music Hall of Fame. Wade was one of the featured performers at this benefit two years ago. Ironically at the time, he had undiagnosed cancer.


This year, he'd been through eight hours of surgery and a couple of months of chemotherapy when he made his appearanceat the benefit. He came to share his story, mindful that it might help others to catch their own colon cancer problem at a much earlier stage than his.


In addition to taking a short time in the early part of the show to tell of his experiences, he returned as a featured guitarist with Exile on the finale number, Super Love.


GAC's Storme Warren interviewed him backstage at the Stars Go Blue Show for his Headline Country show. A segment of the show on 4/19 will feature the interview. The initial broadcast is April 19 (9 pm EDT; 8pm CDT) There will be some re-runs through the week-end. You may want to check your local listings.


Here is a YouTube clip that is a promotional link for the Headline Country show.


starsgoblue2He's been very open with his discussions with the media, hoping to spread the word about early detection. His story has been in several print media outlets, as well as web pages:


March 22 CNN.com


March 26 CMT.com


April 5 TulsaWorld.com





MS2MR1In addition to the Stars Go Blue show, Wade has made a couple of appearances with Randy Owen at the Muscle Shoals to Music Row show held in Muscle Shoals, Alabama and streamed live on the internet. Wade provided guitar accompaniment and vocal back-ups on these shows. Randy's comment to Wade at the first show, "It sure is good to see you standing over there." Wade's response, "It's good to be seen." In another segment of the show, Randy asked for Wade to play his acoustic guitar as the back-up, saying, "Nobody covers me as well as you do." A high compliment on Wade's musical talents from one of country music's legends.


In the second show, Wade continued his role as back-up to Randy, but also did some outstanding guitar work backing David St. Romain.








.. Wade to  Appear at the 2012 Colon Cancer Alliance Benefit


The Country Music Hall of Fame is the site for this year's event, Stars Go Blue. On the evening of March 6th, Wade will join Trace Adkins and Exile to raise money for the Blue Note Fund. This fund assists those who have been diagnosed with colon cancer.


The event was created by four-time Grammy nominee, Charlie Kelley (who currently plays guitar for Jamie O’Neal) who is a colon cancer survivor. His cancer was discovered near the time that his wife, Nan Kelley (well known as a host on GAC-TV) completed her cancer treatments for lymphoma.


For more information and to purchase tickets, follow this link: Stars Go Blue



.. Wade  Battles Cancer


Friends and fans were shocked when it became known that Wade had been diagnosed with cancer. He endured a complex 8 hour long surgery to remove part of his colon and part of his liver. The surgeon said he got everything he wanted to get and that the procedure went better than he expected. Wade is recuperating well at home. He states that he's getting better each day and looking forward to a healthy future.


Prior to his fourth round of chem, on February 29th, Wade underwent a scan that showed he was free of tumors. No more surgery will be needed. He will continue chemotherapy through the month of June.




.. Wade  Performs at the Country Music Hall of Fame


The Country Music Hall of Fame has a Wednesday series of programs titled Cook Out Country, an all-inclusive lunch including cookout favorites, live entertainment, autograph signings and photo opportunities. Wade was the featured artist on October 19. The program might have said "cook out," but the weather disagreed. The show was moved to a inside area, which provided an opportunity for more people to hear Wade's music. Those in the cafe and individuals walking through the main floor of the hall could experience the performance. I even watched people stop on the massive stair case that leads to the second floor lean over the rail to listen. Wade had a very good reception. Megan Mullins was along to play fiddle and contribute her alto harmonies.


Wade opened with what he termed his "warm-up" song for acoustic shows, Don't Make Me Come to Tulsa, written by DoCMHOFn Cook, Wade's friend and his first producer. He followed that with The Day That She Left Tulsa, Good Day to Go Crazy, God Made Me to Love You. He continued with Don't Stop, What I Meant to Say, On a Good Night and Old Enough to Know Better. He told the crowd that he thanked God for that song which was #1 on the charts for two weeks and he still gets a check from it every now and then. He also mentioned that he and Megan play in Randy Owen's solo band and they'd just returned from NC after doing a show for Dale Earnhardt, Jr.








.. Country Weekly Magazine Surprises Wade - with a little help from his Mom


CountryWklywadetrishaThe October 4th issue of Country Weekly Magazine included a feature on a drawing of Wade that they’d received from a very extraordinary fan - you’d have to say a true life-long fan - Wade’s mom, Trisha. It took a bit of conspiracy to keep the whole thing undercover and get Wade into the Country Weekly office without revealing the name of the special artist. Country Weekly photographed the moment when Wade recognized the drawing and the signature of the artist, and included it, along with interview material from Trisha, in a full-page feature.





Photos courtesy of Country Weekly Magazine





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