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You can exchange comments with other fans on an interactive message board. Just be kind to each other and to Wade. If you want to post anything, you need to register. You'll receive an e-mail to validate your account. That keeps others from posting for you. Of course, you can browse as a guest, but it's more fun to join in. This board is provided for you, ad free, by Gayle. Enjoy!

Wade Hayes Message Board

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What They're Saying - Comments from Around the 'Net

"Wade Hayes has been on my music listening radar since he hit the national scene in the mid 90’s. I dig the fact he has a great voice and has serious chops. .. I’ll be picking up his new self released Place to Turn Around soon and intend to share some choice cuts with y’all. Indie reviews reveal it’s a gem! !

I think it would be appropriate for Wade to play Gruene Hall to promote the new material. . .

~~ j a c k w http://jackdwilliams.info 9/2009

"With apologies to Yogi Berra, it’s time to rediscover Wade Hayes for the first time. Place To Turn Around is everything that is great about indie records ... this album is an unexpected gem and one of our favorite top ten albums released thus far into 2009.
~~ Ken Morton http://thatnashvillesound 8/2009

"He could’ve been – heck, still could be – one of the genre’s great traditional vocalists. The depth of his baritone was matched by its nuance, making Josh Turner sound like an amateur in comparison. Here’s hoping he’ll resurface sometime soon, since he could blow most of today’s young guys out of the water.
~~ Kevin J. Coyne - http://www.countryuniverse.net 8/2009

"He is an incredibly talented artist, his vocals, his writing skills, and his brilliant and very sultry guitar licks."
~~ Tommy Knickers - Yahoo Group 3/2005

"Wade has that style of pickin' I love and try to emulate, although I've by no means gotten there yet. Fast and fluid Hybrid pickin', but not TOO darn fancy."
~~ Telejacker - Telecaster Message Board 3/2005

"Let's not forget, the guy had a really good, unique voice. Not just a good picker."
~~ e-merlin - Telecaster Message Board 3/2005


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