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... Wade wowwed them at the Country Fever Festival in Pryor, OK. Called in to substitute for John Corbett, he more than ably filled the slot between Trent Willmon and Carrie Underwood on Thursday's show. For the Tulsa Star review and an interview held before the festival, follow these links.

Audrey Bean, Kelly Sutton, Wade Hayes, Charlie Chase on Fox 17's TN Mornings.... Wade and Aubrey Bean, "The Judge," visited the TN Mornings show on Fox 17 on Wednesday, April 19th, to promote Judge Bean's Bar-B-Que First Annual Testical Festival to be held on April 22nd. The picture is from their last appearance in February. The show airs on Comcast Channel 6 in Nashville from 6 to 8 a.m. Kelly Sutton and Charlie Chase are Hosts.

To see the video clip, follow this path.
FOX17 TN Mornings Video Archives > February 8.

Judge Bean's First Annual Testicle Festival

... Saturday nights at the Judge's will feature Wade through the month of March. The music runs from 7 - 10 pm with a couple of short breaks. The band members may change from week to week, but they're all top notch. The evening features Wade's hits and cover songs of the great traditionalists - lots of Merle, some Willie, Waylon, Bob Wills and others.

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